Two in a Boat

Steve Koss Memorial Two in a Boat

Two-In-A-Boat Rules – July 16, 2023


a.      This tournament is only open to Salmon-A-Rama participants. Both anglers must be registered in Salmon-A-Rama to participate.

b.      The entry fee is $75 per boat.

c.      All applications and payments must be received no later than July 14, 2023 at 7:00pm.

d.      Entry fees are non-refundable after July 15, 2023, 7:00pm, except in the event of the cancellation of the tournament. Any refunds will be made by mail via check after the conclusion of the tournament


a.      The tournament will be held on Sunday, July 16th, 2023

b.      The tournament schedule will be as follows: a. Captain’s Meeting – Friday, July 14th, 2023. Location: Tournament HQ at Reefpoint Marina Salmon-A-Rama tent at 7:00pm. Fishing Period – Sunday, July 16th, 2023 - 5:00am to 12:00pm.

c.      Each boat and crew must have at least one member in attendance at the Captain’s Meeting.

d.      The contest will be considered official if a total of three (3) hours are fished.


a.      All boats must start from and return to Racine by water. All boats will be subject to a cooler check before leaving the harbor.

b.      Check in will begin at approximately 4:15am. Tournament Control will conduct a roll-call check-in by VHF radio (ch. 68). Order will be determined by the order of registration.

c.      Run Time: Once checked in, each boat may leave immediately for their chosen fishing grounds. Boats may NOT begin running before checking in.

d.      The official start of the fishing period will be announced by Tournament Control at 5:00am on VHF channel 68.

e.      NO lines may be placed in the water before the 5:00am start announcement. You are on your honor.

f.       Each boat must be inside the green can at Racine Harbor prior to the end of the fishing period (12:00am). Any boats that don’t arrive by 12:00 PM will be disqualified, no exceptions.

g.      Each boat must check in with Tournament Control, by VHF radio on channel 68, as they enter the harbor.

h.      All fish to be weighed must be brought to the weigh-in scale with catch log on the cooler. Once arrived at the weigh-in station, the cooler must remain closed until opened by a SAR official.

i.        Each boat must have their boat name on the cooler. 

j.         The weigh in will be held at Tournament HQ at Reefpoint Marina. 

k.      All coolers must be in the weigh-in line by 1:00 PM


a.      All winners will be determined by the Tournament Committee, and their decision will be final.

b.      Winners will be determined on the total accumulation of points. Points will be assigned as ten points per fish and one point per pound.

c.      The following species shall be eligible for points: COHO SALMON, CHINOOK SALMON, BROWN TROUT, STEELHEAD OR RAINBOW TROUT and LAKE TROUT.


a.      The prize money pool will consist of 85% of the total entry fees collected. 

b.      Cash prizes will be awarded to the top 25% boats entered based on the following percentages of 80% of total mini contest entry fees.

c.      In case of ties, the prize money between the two or more places the participants would have won will be divided equally between the tied contestants.

d.      Participants may win more than one prize.

e.      DeCore Tool Big Fish Prize:

·        Small Boat ≤23 ft: $250

·        Large Boat >23 ft: $250

f. If 1st place boat(s) is/are fully staffed by current SU members, there will be a $500 bonus to the boat(s) to split accordingly. 

In case of a tie, the big fish money will be split accordingly


a.      The Tournament Committee will furnish to each contestant a boat identification number.

b.      The boat identification number must be displayed on the Starboard side of the participant’s boat during the contest.


a.      All fish entered must be caught on hook and line in accordance with the DNR regulations of the state which has jurisdiction over the waters being fished.

b.      Any violation of USCG or DNR rules will result in immediate disqualification at the discretion of the SAR committee.

c.      Each boat is limited to 2 anglers and a maximum of six (6) rods and a two-person limit of ten (10) fish.

d.      Each boat may weigh a maximum of five (5) fish, with a maximum of two (2) lake trout.

e.      All fish to be weighed must be brought to the scale in a closed cooler.

f.       Fish may be released when caught. Fish to be released must be returned to the lake immediately.

g.      There are no distance limits as to where a tournament boat may fish as long as all travelling is done on the water.

h.      All fish kept must be logged on the fish log sheet.

i.        Each boat that reaches the ten (10) fish limit shall immediately cease fishing, bring in all lines, and return to the harbor.


a.      Every boat must be equipped with an operating VHF marine radio equipped with channels 16 and 68. All boats should monitor channel 68 for contest information.


a.      The Tournament Committee will announce, one hour before fishing is scheduled to begin, their decision on if the contest will be run. The Tournament Judges may cancel the Tournament at any time when, in their opinion, the conditions could be dangerous to persons or property.

b.      The Tournament Committee may also decide to delay the start of fishing or to cut short the fishing due to deteriorating weather conditions.

c.     Make-up date will be Friday, July 21.


a.      All protests must be made in writing to the Tournament Committee before 5:00pm on the day of the tournament.

b.      Any written protest given to the Tournament Committee must be accompanied by a $250.00 deposit, returnable if the protest is judged valid.

c.      A panel of three (3) judges appointed by the Tournament Committee will resolve all disputes.

d.      Winners and any person involved in any formal protest may be subject to polygraph testing, prior to the awarding of prizes. Such persons must be available to be tested within 2 weeks of the event.

e.      The decision of the Tournament Committee and/or its duly appointed panel of judges shall be final.


a.      The Tournament Committee may change or modify any of these rules, as necessary. Any changes will be communicated at the Captain’s Meeting.


a.      Each contestant shall accept responsibility to protect persons and property from injury or damage during the contest, and Salmon Unlimited of Wisconsin shall not be responsible for the safety of persons or property of participants, regardless of cause.

All participants further agree to hold Salmon Unlimited of Wisconsin, its officers, tournament committee and volunteers harmless from any liability for damage incurred because of participation in the Tournament, in whatever form or manner said liabilities or damages might be incurred.