2024 SALMON-A-RAMA General Rules


a. SALMON-A-RAMA consists of four divisions:

·   Boat

·   Shore

·   Kayak

·   Youth Divisions

b. There are additional contests beyond the four divisions run by and held within SALMON-A-RAMA. Please see the rules for those events for specifics not covered by the general rules.

c. All participants must possess a valid SALMON-A-RAMA ticket for the division to be entered.

d. All participants must be at least 6 years of age by 12:01AM CST, July 13th, 2024, and must possess a SALMON-A-RAMA ticket.

e.     All fish entered must be caught in the waters of Lake Michigan or its tributaries up to the first bridge crossing the tributary. There are no city or state boundaries.

f.      Contestants must comply with State, Federal, Local, and other pertinent fishing and boating laws and regulations. 

g.     Any contestant issued a citation for violation of any fishing or boating laws during the tournament will have their violation reviewed by the tournament committee and based on their decision could be disqualified. No refunds will be made.

h. All fish entered must be caught on hook and line in accordance with the DNR regulations of the state which has jurisdiction over the waters being fished.

i.       All fish will be checked for foreign objects. Any attempt to alter a fish’s weight will be reported the proper authorities. Participant will be disqualified with the possibility of a lifelong ban.

j.       All first-place winners and witnesses to their catch, will be required to sign an affidavit which will include details of their catch.

k.     All winners are subject to a polygraph test at the discretion of tournament officials.




a. The 2024 SALMON-A-RAMA begins at 12:01AM CST on July13th and ends at 11:00 AM CST July 21st. All fish must be caught within this period. See weigh in section for additional details.

b.    All SALMON-A-RAMA tickets purchased after 12:00 AM on Saturday, July 13th, 2024, must be purchased at an official SALMON-A-RAMA weigh-in location or online and shall include a $5.00 late fee. In addition, such tickets will be stamped with the time and date of purchase. No fish will be eligible for registration on the ticket within 24 hours of the time indicated on the ticket.

c.     The hours of tournament headquarters and all designated remote weigh-in sites will be posted on the SALMON-A-RAMA calendar on the official website.


a.     All fish must be registered at a designated SALMON-A-RAMA weigh-in station Refer to SALMON-A-RAMA website for up-to-date locations and weigh-in times.

b.    All fish will be weighed on certified scales by tournament officials or by tournament authorized personnel.

c.     All Chinook, Coho, Brown trout, Lake trout and Rainbow Trout (Steelhead) must be over 16” (sixteen inches) to be eligible for weigh in.

·       Super Sweepstakes and Two-In-A-Boat are exempt from this rule.

·       The youth division will be exempt from this rule

d.    Pink and Atlantic salmon will be weighed and categorized as Chinook salmon.

e.     All eligible fish must be kept fresh (never frozen) and weighed in within 24 hours.

f.      Designated remote weigh-in sites will close two hours before tournament headquarters on the final day (9 AM CST / 10 AM EST). All fish must be weighed or in line to be weighted at tournament headquarters in Racine Wisconsin by 11:00 AM CST, July 21st, 2024.

g.     Each angler can register up to 5 salmon or trout (2 lake trout) per day regardless of the state(s) they are fishing in.

h.    Each angler can register up to five perch per day regardless of the state they are fishing in. 

i.       If a person possesses both a Shore and a Boat ticket and catches fish in accordance with the rules of the Shore division, that fish may be entered in either the Shore or the Boat Division, but not both. The participant must declare which division the fish is being entered in at the time the fish is registered and prior to it being weighed. The declaration cannot be changed once the fish is weighed in.

j.       At the discretion of the tournament officials, the three largest fish in each division and category may be displayed during the week of the contest and must be available for this purpose. Division leading fish outside the Racine area will be kept by the official weigh-in site where the fish was registered

k.     The overall Grand Prize fish must be saved at the respective weigh-in station and brought to Tournament Headquarters for display at the SALMON-A-RAMA award ceremony. This is at the discretion of the committee. 



a.     Any person wishing to protest any fish or angler registered in any division for a violation of any contest rule or unsportsmanlike conduct, must submit the protest in writing plus a $250 cash protest fee to a Tournament Official in person at an official weigh-in station.

b.    The protest must state the rule violated and facts known to the protester.

c.     All protests must be submitted either within 24 hours of the time the protested fish was registered or by 10:30 AM CST on the last day, whichever is earlier.

d.    Tournament Officials will review all protests. If the protest is found valid, the fee will be returned. If a protest is denied, the $250 protest fee will be forfeited.



a.     The Tournament Committee may change or modify any of these rules, as necessary and at their discretion.

b.    Any changes will be communicated on this the official SALMON-A-RAMA website and/ or social media.



a.     The contestant upon purchasing a SALMON-A-RAMA ticket agrees to the abide by all rules established by the SALMON-A-RAMA committee.

b.    Each contestant shall accept responsibility to protect persons and property from injury or damage during the contest, and Salmon Unlimited of Wisconsin shall not be responsible for the safety of persons or property of participants, regardless of cause.

c.     All participants further agree to hold Salmon Unlimited of Wisconsin, its officers, tournament committee, sponsors, and volunteers harmless from any liability for damage incurred as result of participation in the Tournament in whatever form or manner said liabilities or damages might be incurred.



a.     The official daily standings will be determined at the end of each day and posted on the SALMON-A-RAMA website which can be found at

b.    Fish of the day prize will be awarded for the largest fish for the target species. The fish of the day target species will be drawn after 10:01pm on the day before. The target species will be posted on SALMON-A-RAMA website and SALMON-A-RAMA Facebook page. 

c.     In case of a tie by weight, the first fish registered will be awarded the prize.

d.    Prize list will be available on the SALMON-A-RAMA website and is subject to revision as late prizes may be contributed and slotted according to policy as set by the prize committee.

e.     Prize list will be posted by end day Sunday 13th at 10:00pm

f.      Prize ceremonies will be held on Sunday July 21st, 2024, starting at approximately 1 PM CST.

g.     All prize money will be mailed to each winner within 60 business days of the end of tournament provided all federal, state, and local paperwork has been submitted to the SALMON-A-RAMA committee.

h.    All prizes must be claimed within 60 days of the end of the contest, or the prize will be forfeited.

i.       All IRS W-9 paperwork must be completed within 20 business days of completion of tournament or prizes will be forfeited.

j.       No checks will be issued for payments over $599 without a completed W-9 submitted to SU treasurer.

k.     New for 2024. No split payments will be allowed. Prizes, both cash and non-monetary will be issued to the name of the person on the tickets that is receiving the award.