Kayak Division

Kayak Division

The kayak division is open to all participants, at least 12 years old, possessing a kayak division ticket.

The following species are eligible in the kayak division: Chinook Salmon, Coho Salmon, Brown Trout, Lake Trout and Rainbow (Steelhead) Trout.

A kayak division angler is only eligible to be on the leader board once. If a kayak division angler registers a fish that weighs more than the angler's previous entry in that given category, the larger fish will be added to the leader board and the smaller fish will be removed from the leader board. This does not apply to daily prizes.

This division is only open to kayaks, paddleboards, canoes or any other manually propelled vessels (hereby referred to as "kayak"). The interpretation of a kayak is up to the discretion of tournament officials.

All fishing must be done from a kayak in the water.

No electric or combustion motors or sails are allowed on the kayak.

No assistance can be made from a motorized vessel except in the case of an emergency.

A participating kayak angler must comply with all SALMON-A-RAMA general rules.

Prizes will be awarded to the 3 largest fish caught in the kayak division. All fish species listed in the general SALMON-A-RAMA rules are eligible.

A kayak angler possessing only a kayak division ticket may only enter fish in the kayak division.

A kayak angler possessing only a boat division ticket may only enter fish in the boat division.

A kayak angler possessing both a boat division AND a kayak division ticket may enter their fish in either the kayak or boat division, but not both. The angler must decide which division to enter the fish into prior to weighing in the fish.

Kayak division participants are eligible to win the 25% of all Ticket sales grand prize package, minus the yamaha engine.

Disabled Kayak Division participants please contact Salmon-a-Rama commitee prior to event.