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Charter Tickets

Preferred Charter Participant Rules

2024 Salmon-A-Rama has a great way to promote your business while all clients qualify for this prestigious event.

Charter Ticket Rules

The ticket covers the entire 9 day event. This will include every member aboard your charter boat from July 12th -21st. being covered. This includes friends that would like to fish if you have an open day.

This ticket covers the boat that it is designated for and its captain only. If the first mate, friends or clients fish aboard another boat they will need to purchase an individual participation ticket, unless the second boat is also a charter boat with a charter ticket.

The charter ticket and all tickets issued by it are not eligible for kayak or shore division. Kayak and shore tickets must be purchased separately, as these are a separate category. A youth aboard the registered charter boat may register their fish in the boat division OR youth division. The fisherman must decide PRIOR to weigh in which division the fish will be registered. 

The vessel you are entering must be a registered charter boat with a USCG licensed Captain, and the proper Sport Troll fishing License having been purchased.

You will also receive advertising on the Salmon-A-Rama web site, and all calls for a charter will be directed to a charter service from that site.

BIG 5 tickets must be purchased separately as well as any other tournaments inside the tournament that there is a separate fee to enter.

The fish to be registered must be accompanied with a ticket signed by the Captain as well as participant weighing the fish. The Captain or mate may weigh the fish for the client as long as ticket is signed by both the captain and the client.

Any prizes earned will be awarded at the discretion of the Captain.